Highlights & Testimonials from San Diego, March 2018

Loved everything about POF, highly effective speakers, and topics help motivate me to be better.
– Ms. Emily Siegrist (Ephrata, PA)
Loved connecting with docs from US / AUS / Canada, and hearing how to utilize what we can in our practice. Loved the Tequila and E-bike!
– Ms. Alyssa Leib (Ephrata, PA)
Got to talk to people who are alike in dentistry and be inspired by the professionals.
– Dr. Lalisa Yaowarattana (Grand Terrace, CA)
Loved the location, great to hear about successful practices and what they’re doing.
– Dr. Bradley Western (Dewey, AZ)
Excellent speakers that are actually successful and walking that walk.
– Dr. Victor Gonzalez (Chicago, IL)

Highlights & Testimonials from Miami, March/April 2017

I enjoyed the honesty and integrity of the speakers, and the availability of the speakers afterwards. Liked long breaks to talk to others and the speakers. Collin was a great MC, and the social night was great. Heartfelt expressions from Cory Glenn and Josh Wren about getting our priorities straight. Mike Ling and team, seamless execution. Great hotel. This meeting opened my eyes and touched my heart. Wow.
– Dr. Alvaro Fernandez-Carol (Coral Gables, Florida)
Great speakers. Well polished, entertaining between speakers, good healthy food, very social atmosphere and evenings.
– Dr. Ryan Gens (Catonsville, Maryland)
Knowledgeable dentists with real life experiences and expertise.
– Ms. Kristin Gillespie (Hutchinson, Kansas)
Loved all the different speakers and their stories and expertise, good environment learned a lot from this CE. Thanks guys!
– Ms. Mikayla Glosser (Battle Ground, Washington)
Beautiful location, lots of fun, awesome marching band.
– Ms. Erica Coronado (Battle Ground, Washington)
Lots of speakers, great MC, really nice job!
– Dr. Julie Lehr (Ephrata, Pennsylvania)
Loved having multiple speakers covering multiple topics. The breakout event was awesome. Everything was fab!
– Ms. Emily Siegrist (Ephrata, Pennsylvania)
Short lectures kept engagement up. Great topics, great speakers. Plus Miami!
– Dr. Bridget Sweeney (Buffalo, New York)

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Highlights & Testimonials from Nashville, May 2016

Loved getting to meet a lot of DentalTown members, and it was all great information.
– Dr. Travis Campbell (Prosper, Texas)
Great speakers, short times to allow touching base on several different topics.
– Ms. Dawn Dennington (Prosper, Texas)
Great speakers, very great information that will help out our practice. I loved to be around entrepreneurs and be exposed to different mindsets.
– Dr. Adam Singh 
Great speakers. Loved how everyone was sharing info. Thank you for having us and putting this on. Great job! Excellent time.
– Dr. Tara Clements (Shelbyville, Tennessee)
Well organized event! I can appreciate how much planning, set up, advertising, coordination, and tailoring goes into an event this large. To the staff, sponsors, organizers, speakers… all excellent work! Strongest part of this event really are the participants, the guys and ladies that are here are some of the most interesting dentist. Great group! Great lectures! Great venue! Great material!
– Dr. Danny Domingue (Lafayette, Los Angeles)
Great location and facility. Good mix of speakers and topics.
– Ms. Marian Glisson
Great to meet smart and successful dentists. As a new dentist, it is good to know that these people exist to help move the tech and practice management forward.
– Dr. Jason Renz (Fishers, Indiana)
There was a very broad range of topics. Made very interesting. Speakers were great and passionate about their topics. Great location and close to the airport.
– Ms. Lisa Calhoun (Liverpool, New York)
Loved networking with others and seeing Nashville! Meeting great people!
– Ms. Jennifer DeRycke (Liverpool, New York)
Multiple speakers with great content. I really like having a broad range of topics from clinical to non-clinical. Constant refreshments, snacks, and coffee is really important. The venue was awesome!
– Dr. Patrick Briese (Rayne, Los Angeles)

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Highlights & Testimonials from San Antonio, November 2015


“Such a diverse field of speakers – I felt like I was at the TED Talk of dentistry – loved it!”
– Dr. Kipton Anderson (Colleyville, Texas)
“A group of excellent professionals – not professional speakers, makes it worthwhile and special
– Dr. Jonathan Visscher (Kelowna, British Columbia)
“Great to gather like minded young people blazing their own trail. There is not just one way to be successful, lots of great ideas”
– Dr. Molly Kathan (Portland, Oregon)
“So many different ways of actual improvement to our practice that I can implement on Monday morning. This weekend will probably add $75,000 to my next two months”
– Dr. Colin Lathrop (Katy, Texas)
“Can’t pin point the best thing but being around all the greatest minds in dentistry sure makes me feel great”
– Dr. Scott Garza
“Diverse topics covered by excellent and expert speakers of their fields. Motivation for positive changes in the office”
– Dr. Katie To (Katy, Texas)
“Well organized, fantastic group of doctors
– Dr. George Georgiev (Sunny Isles, Florida)
“Loved meeting all the Dentaltown rock stars!”
– Dr. Lola Gbadamosi (Baytown, Texas)
“I have lots of things I can implement into my practice Monday. Really a fun CE.”
– Dr. Erin Mariscal (Arnold, Missouri)
“Meeting with other young, successful dentists, sharing great ideas and revolutionary mindsets.
– Dr. Josh Belof (Apollo Beach, Florida)
“Getting to meet Townies face to face, lots of different material so I learned a ton. Presenters were always available during breaks and after lectures and were always willing to share.”
– Dr. Marwa Salman (Surrey, British Columbia)
“The strongest part of the event really was the participants, the guys and ladies that were there are really some of the most interesting dentists. Great group, great lectures, great venue, great material!
– Dr. Danny Domingue (Lafayette, Los Angeles)
“Great to meet smart and successful dentists. As a new dentist it is good to know that these people exist to help move technology and practice management forward.”
– Dr. Jason Renz (Fishers, Indiana)
“There was a very broad range of topics, which made it all very interesting. Well spaced out and breaks were sufficient. Speakers were great and passionate about their topics!
– Ms. Lisa Calhoun (Liverpool, New York)
“The best part about this event was networking with others, seeing Nashville and meeting great people!”
– Ms. Jennifer DeRycke (Liverpool, New York)
“The best part of this event was the seamless integration of all the different speakers and topics into a powerful two-day event!
– Dr. Kaya Aygen (Sarasota, Florida)