Featured Speaker – Don Mann

Don Mann is a former SEAL Team SIX operator, world class triathlete, and New Your Times Best Selling author.

Mann’s impressive military biography includes being a decorated combat veteran; Corpsman; SEAL Special Operations Technician; jungle survival, desert survival, and arctic survival instructor; small arms weapons instructor, foreign weapons instructor, armed and unarmed defense tactics, advanced hand-to-hand combat instructor; and Survival, Evade, Resistance and Escape Instructor; in addition to other credentials.

Mann has over 40 years (1,000+ races) worth of competitive racing experience, and was once ranked 38th in the world as a triathlete.

Mann is the author of eleven books including the New York Times Best Selling autobiography Inside SEAL Team SIX: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors.

When Osama bin Laden was assassinated, the entire world was fascinated by the men who had completed the seemingly impossible mission that had dogged the U.S. government for over a decade. SEAL Team SIX became synonymous with heroism, duty, and justice. Only a handful of the elite men who make up the SEALs, the U.S. Navy’s best and bravest, survive the legendary and grueling selection process that leads to SEAL Team SIX, a group so classified it technically does not even exist. There are no better warriors on earth.

Mann knows what it takes to be a brother of these ultra-selective fraternities. As a member of SEAL Team SIX he worked in countless covert operations, operating from land, sea, and air, and facing shootings, decapitations, and stabbings. He was captured by the enemy and lived to tell the tale, and he participated in highly classified missions all over the globe, including Somalia, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

As a training coordinator for several civilian SEAL training programs, and as a former Training Officer of SEAL Team SIX, he was directly responsible for shaping the bodies and minds of SEALs who carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden as well as many other classified missions.

But to become a SEAL, Mann had to overcome his own troubled childhood and push his body to its breaking point – and beyond. At the podium and in Inside SEAL Team SIX, he shares a high-octane narrative of physical and mental toughness, giving unprecedented insight to the inner workings of the training and secret missions of the world’s most respected and feared combat unit.

Dr. David Ahearn

Dr. David Ahearn is first and foremost a full time practicing dentist. Although located in a rural town, his office ranks among the nation’s most productive practices. Trained in prosthetics at the University of Michigan, Dr. Ahearn, like many of us, struggled to reconcile his desire for the highest quality possible with the requirements for practice success. His discovery of the principles found in the Toyota Production System in the early 90’s – and his subsequent application of them to dentistry – began a quality and productivity revolution that is at the heart of his design work.

He is the founder of Design/Ergonomics, the nation’s largest independent dental office design firm, as well as Ergonomic-Products, a manufacturer of high-productivity, ergonomically sound dental equipment. Both companies work with doctors across North America to design and equip comfortable, productive and highly cost effective practices.

Dr. Ahearn has held faculty positions at both the University of Michigan and NYU’s College of Dentistry, and was a founding member of the ADA’s Ergonomics Subcommittee. He is a frequent lecturer and contributor to numerous dental publications, including multiple chapters in the ADA’s current Practical Guide to Dental Office Design.

Who Are All These People? How to Scale Up Your Team

Keeping up with office growth can be difficult.

As growth occurs most doctors simply attempt to replicate positions that already exist. This causes inefficient duplication and results in unclear chains of command.

This lecture will help clarify some very important hiring sequences and highlight pitfalls to profitability during this process. In this program you will learn:

  • How to hire the right people, in the right spot, right the first time.
  • What are the stages of practice growth?
  • When to stay small and when to grow. What is your purpose?
  • The Math of Growth
  • The Cash of Growth
  • Do you need to add someone – or are you just inefficient?
  • Ladders: You can’t climb without one. The what, the why & the how?
  • What’s Next?

Dr. Graham Dersley

Dr. Graham Dersley Co-Founder of Practice on Fire.  He is a prosthodontist who has experienced the real world trials and tribulations of purchasing, starting up and managing multiple practices.  He currently owns and operates two startup practices in Maryland and his clinical focus is on dental implantology.  He has experienced practicing in a variety of settings, including high end fee for service and high volume medicaid and looks forward to sharing his thoughts on the pros and cons of each.

Dr. Gina Dorfman

In addition to being the mother of two energetic children, Gina runs a busy practice in Southern California and is the co-founder of YAPI, an innovative practice communication software program.

Making a Killing Without Selling Your Soul

You’ve heard it all: the “Golden Age” of dentistry is over. The DSOs, insurance companies, and high dental tuition costs are making it impossible for a dentist to earn well without compromising his or her ethics.  You’ve heard that to be profitable, a dentist needs to treatment plan aggressively, push unnecessary treatment on patients, utilize high-pressure sales tactics, and use expired materials and shady labs. In her presentation, Dr. Dorfman discusses how these commonplace assumptions can get in the way of running a profitable dental practice and shares her tips, tools, and practical ideas you can implement on Monday to do things right, do the right things, and sleep well at night.

Mrs. Laura Hatch

Laura Hatch has been improving dental offices for almost two decades. She built her first practice from the ground up with her husband in 2003, skyrocketing the practice to $120,000 in monthly collections in less than 4 years. She followed this success by opening a fee-for-service practice that generates over $200,000 a month in collections. Laura witnessed first-hand what was missing from the front office of dental practices – training.
After twelve years as an office manager and two fee-for-service scratch dental practices, Laura sought to bring resources to dental practices like hers and created Front Office Rocks. As the leading authority on virtual dental front office training, Laura helps dental professionals who want to be better at what they do gain the training they need through online video courses, live seminars, and coaching.
Laura is a master in managing and empowering team members and has developed a dental front office training program that offers real-world ideas and practical training that can be implemented easily and immediately into any office.
Your front office team has the power to make an impact from the very first impression. Hiring team members with the right skill set and attitude, as well as quality and continual training are key to making sure patients have a great experience and a positive view of the practice.

Master your Schedule, Master your Time: Best Practices for Advanced Scheduling

You have the basics of scheduling down, but have you mastered your schedule? If you want to blast through your current revenue plateau and reach new heights, then you must learn to master your schedule to understand how to master your time. In this exclusive staff-only session, Laura will teach the high-level techniques that bring more focus to your scheduling goals and help you reach your highest productivity. Learn what top earning offices do each day and how to apply those methods to your schedule immediately to experience reaching your goals, with less stress and have more time and more fun!

Dr. Nathan Jeal

The Complete Sales Funnel for High Value Dentistry

Coming soon!

Dr. Eric Jones

Gravitational Marketing – Making Yourself IRRESISTIBLE to the RIGHT KIND of Patient

Coming soon!

Dr. Scott Leune

Dr. Scott Leune’s dental career began with three startup practices in San Antonio which grew to 80 staff, 10 dentists, and a call center in a very short time. These practices continued to average a combined total of over 700 new patients per month and were all managed by Dr. Leune working a mere 4 days per month. In 2011, Dr. Leune started seven practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, opening them within a two-month timespan. Over the last 4 years, through the Breakaway Affiliate Program, Dr. Leune has helped build approximately 80 startup practices nationwide.

For the last 8 years, Dr. Leune has lectured to thousands of dental professionals and executives sharing his proven systems, marketing and practice design, leading to consistently sold-out seminars. He has been featured in numerous dental publications and listed as the ‘most-subscribed-to-person on DentalTown.

Dr. Leune has also created and grown Breakaway’s Support Services and Affiliate Program to include over 270 practices nationwide, adding several more each day. He has continued to redefine practice management, as the leader & expert in profitable dental practice systems to maximize success.

Dr. Michael Ling

A Mega-Practice’s Secrets to a Self-Managing Team: Good People Beat Great Systems

Most practice owners fall into one of two categories:
  1. You’re a slave to your practice.  You are always in crisis mode, putting out fires, and dealing with drama.
  2. Your practice runs ok, but if you didn’t get bogged down doing so many everyday things you could work on more important things that would actually grow your practice.
There’s a ton of staff management “advice” out there that promises to solve these problems and move you into Category 3 – a self-managing practice.  But you’ve tried their systems (that you could have found for free), and manuals (that none of your staff will follow anyways), and nothing seems to stick.  You can keep trying if you want.  Maybe the next checklist you try to implement will be the one that finally works!  Or you can break away from the pack and become a Top 1% practice with a Top 1% team, which means being willing to THINK DIFFERENT.
Dr. Michael Ling is Co-Founder of Practice on Fire Live.  He leads a group of over 55 staff in his Brantford, Ontario practice, operating a 16 chair, 6500 sq ft facility that is under construction to add another 5000 sq ft.  Dr. Ling has grown his team largely by ignoring conventional wisdom regarding staff management.  He will share with you:
  • Why conventional wisdom like “Get the right people on the bus”, “What’s measured gets treasured”, and “The many hats of being a dentist” are holding you back from Top 1% status.
  • How to never again worry about trying to motivate staff that seem resistant to change.
  • The ONE habit that was the breakthrough in finally getting TRACTION – not just coming up with ideas but actually implementing them.
  • How working with fewer metrics, bonuses, checklists, and manuals is the key to a Top 1% self-motivating and self-managing staff.
Most importantly, Dr. Ling will show you how to do all this in LESS time so that you can focus on the things that really matter – your patients and your family.

Dr. Chris Phelps

Dr. Phelps is an entrepreneur and general dentist in the Charlotte, NC area.  From 2003 to 2010 his passion for business and his flair for marketing and promotion showed through when he increased the revenue of his practices ten times. For 2013, when most of the dentists were struggling to produce what they had from the year before, Dr. Phelps’ practices grew by $2,000,000. One of his secrets was a passion for the Science of Persuasion and how to ethically use Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Influence to set the stage for his patients to say YES to the requests he and his dental team ask of them. Having received the honor of being named a Cialdini’s Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) in Dr. Cialdini’s Method of Influence, Dr. Phelps offers an exciting two-day course on this topic through The Phelps Institute which also offers a host of live patient, clinical training events as well as a successful business coaching program called The Strategic Practice.

Whey They Zig, Maybe You Should Zag

How to grow your practice resisting the herd mentality.  One of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion is called the Consensus Principle, also known as Social Proof.  This Principle states that often times we look to the behavior and actions of others to show us what we should be doing.  This Principle has influence over us because many times if others are doing this action then it will be safe for us to do it as well.  Through his career, Dr. Phelps has seen this Principle in action throughout the industry.  While it’s good to be safe and feel protected within the herd, it also means you’re not very adaptable to change.  In his presentation, Dr. Phelps will point out several instances where he went against the consensus of what others were doing.  This is one of the big reasons why he was able to grow his practices by 10X and continue to adapt and get ready for the tough dental economy on the horizon for tomorrow.

Dr. Timothy Rauch

80/20 Marketing – How Focusing Small Can Supercharge Big Growth

Dr. Tim Rauch is a general dentist with an entrepreneurial spirit.  He spent his early career building practices and developing a practice management company.  He has since turned his attention to optimizing practice growth through laser like focus on high margin procedures and simplified practice management techniques.

In an era when dental consultants are leveraging the purported complexity of running a dental office, Dr. Rauch distills the “complex” into simple solutions.  From near bankruptcy to multi million dollar buyout in his first five years of practice, Dr. Rauch packed a career of learning into just a few short years.  Now, in the heavily impacted Bay Area of California, Dr. Rauch is putting his skills to the test by ignoring metrics, blowing off huddles and disregarding many other things the consultants are trying to sell you.  Get an inside look into why you should only be working three days a week and how to pull it off.