Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event appropriate for staff?

YES! Our focus is on igniting practice growth, and we all know that there is no growth without the support of a passionate and dedicated team. All of the presentations are aimed at a general dental audience, not necessarily doctors. You will hear presentations on practice systems, marketing, case acceptance, communication, leadership – all topics that would benefit your team.

Bringing your team to Practice on Fire is the perfect way to make sure their vision is aligned with yours so that when you go back home you can get right to work implementing the things you’ve learned. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get out of the office as a team and spend some non-clinical time together in beautiful San Diego. After all, a team that plays together, stays together!

Are there any discounts available for dental school students or new grads?

We were all students and new doctors once, so we’ve all been in your shoes.  You want to learn and fire up your practice, but the budget is tight!  That’s why we have dedicated a certain number of slots to dental students and new grads.  Please contact us for details.

When should I plan to arrive and depart?

Most attendees will arrive Wednesday March 14, and leave Sunday March 18. The presentations will run on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday, take the time to enjoy and explore the city on your own, or join in on the fun with our Practice on Fire organized activities. For more information, check out the Social Activities page.

Will there be more events in 2018?

While we are always looking for interesting opportunities to participate in more live events, right now there are no other events scheduled for 2018. However, keep your eyes peeled for our 2019 event! Join our mailing list on the homepage to be the first to know of future events.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

All cancellations made before February 1 will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made after February 1 will receive a 50% refund, and cancellations made after March 1 are non-refundable. Please email if you would like to cancel your registration.

What is the Zero Risk, Nothing to Lose Guarantee?

Our guarantee to you is simple: If you don’t love our event, tell us by lunch on the first day and we will refund 100% of your registration fee. And in addition to that, we will pay your flight and hotel. You’ve literally got nothing to lose!

What is happening in the evenings?

Practice on Fire has some exciting activities happening each day you will be in San Diego. We encourage all of our attendees to sign up for one, or multiple, of these events. This is a great opportunity to see more of San Diego, and network with like-minded colleagues. To learn more about these activities, head to the Social Activities page. You can sign up for these activities with your registration.